India Vase / hemp

VAT Included
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    Named after the designer's memory of a trip to India.

    Each piece is slowly worked with machinery and hands, silently negotiating two contradictory elements. He uses fast, repeatable and rigorous technology for bold yet ethereal statements.




    PLA (polycytic acid derived from renewable resources like maize, compostable in industrial facilities) + hemp waste, hence the beige colour.




    H 36, Ø 9.5



    230 gr



    –  Each piece is uniquely made, therefore slight variation from the vase pictured must be expected
    –  The vase is not watertight due to its organic composition. Best with dried flowers, or as sculptural element for the home.




    Made to Order: the product is currently out out of stock, it will be crafted for you: lead time of 3 to 5 days.