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26 Objects: An A-Z of the Cuming Museum is a co-design exhibition between BA (Hons) Design Management and Cultures, BA (Hons) Spatial Design students and the Cuming Museum. 


Students from year two of the BA (Hons) Design Management and Cultures and BA (Hons) Spatial Design have worked in collaboration with the Cuming Museum to select and document an A-Z of museum artefacts and to design an exhibition installation in response to the collection. This is a co-design project where students, tutors and museum staff work in partnership to generate, prioritise, action and evaluate ideas.  


The aim of the show and related events is to raise awareness of the Cuming Museum and its collections, following a fire in March 2013 which seriously damaged its buildings and resulted in the closure of the museum to the public. The exhibitiondesigned and curated by participating students supports the development of sustainable partnerships, encourages community advocacy and develops transferable skills for employment and lifelong learning.  

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