Spatial Designer Chiara Ravaioli, who graduated from the University of the Arts in London in 2016, presents herself as a multidisciplinary designer.


Characteristic of the designer are the link between material research and the use of software and analog printing techniques of the latest generation that, together with traditional materials such as porcelain and other more innovative such as filaments obtained from tree pruning, allow her to explore new forms of expression.


Among his personal projects, he proposes bronze and brass products that contrast the use of 3D printing resin; among these, Issey Lighting, the lamp he presented at the 2017 edition of Bologna Design Week. 


As spatial designer, Chiara takes care of and directs the exhibition space Cantine di Palazzo Rava in Ravenna, where her studio is located.


For the academic year 2017 she has been called as a didactic Tutor at the Alma Mater in Bologna to follow one of the laboratories of the three-year degree in Product Design.

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